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  • Continuous PU sandwich panel production line

    For several years, we have always continuously explored more and better pu sandwich panel production line manufacturing technology and continuous innovative technical strength, deep multi-process understanding and rich industrial knowledge are greatest guarantee for us to customize and implement the pu sandwich panel production line for you.
  • Continuous Soft Layer Insulation Panel Line

    The heat preservation board production line of the flexible PU and phenolic aldehyde surface has diversified and multifunctional production characteristics, which may produce products with different specifications such as PU, PF, PIR, etc. The surface material may be aluminum foil, colored steel, cement base cloth, kraft paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. The products are widely applied to such occasions as construction, decoration, pipeline ventilation, subway construction, etc.
  • Cold Roll Forming Machine

    By adhering to the principle of design priority, we provide our customers with the latest best cold-bend roll forming technical profile and equipment. Continuously innovative technology and quality control system of the whole process make us become a leader in this industry in China undoubted.
  • Multi-component Pentane Foaming Machine

    We have been established reliable technical standards and configuration proposals for 2 to 9-component pentane and 141B pu high pressure foaming technology to provide customers with most economical and reliable online multi-component pentane foaming system technology, so as to meet their value pursuit for economy and environmental protection.
  • Steel And Shape Profile Trade

    Based on the starting point of services and with our advantageous partner channel resources, we provide customers all over the world with steel and iron products with high quality and low price to meet their diversified requirements.

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