Potherm Insulation Panel

Potherm® Insulation premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free polyisocyanurate insulantion

Potherm® is a premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free polyisocyanurate insulant adhesively bonded with the facing of kraft paper, cardboard, glass tissue with mineral coating (GTM), glass tissue with bitumen coating (GTB), aluminum foil (F) or multi-layer facing.

The Potherm® has extremely low thermal conductivity values and optimal energy saving performance. especially of the excellent mechanical strength ,exceptional durability and high fire resistance .When exposed to fire, PIR thermal insulation boards form agraphitic protective layer on their surface. It prevents the flame spreading and serves as a reliable protection against further effects of fire. it can almost fulfil all the requirements made of insulation material used in all building or other industry.

  • Excellent fire performance and negligible smoke developed.
  • High mechanical strength for the applications
  • High level of thermal insulation performance
  • High level water and moisture performance
  • Extreme anti-corrosion for acidity and alkalescency
  • Unaffected by air infiltration
  • Premium environmental performance ,zero ODP,low GWP,HCFC and CFC free

Potherm® polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam boards are all manufactured by famous production line which has leading technology performance. The core is a premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free PIR insulant foamed by self-developed foaming machine, High level of the mixing and creaming technology ensure a leading low fragility and thermal conductivity. The blowing agent has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Standard Dimensions

Rotherm® R1 phenolic foam board is available in thefollowing standard size(s):

Nominal Dimension Availability
Length (mm) 2280/3920
Width (mm) 600 1200
Insulant Thickness (mm) 12.5 20 30 40 50 60 75 80 90 100
Custom length available Made to order

Water and Moisture Resistance

Due to Rotherm® excellent closed cell structure, It hardly absorb water or moisture from the air and surroundings and neither capillary action. Many test results of Rotherm® which indicates that water absorption is usually below 1.5% in volume.

Fire Performance

The rigid thermoset insulation core of Rotherm® board has a premium fire resistance performance wich is more suitable for the buildings with structural fire resistance requirements. It is difficult to ignite and it does not transmit fire, difficult to ignite, has no hardly any smoke production and does not produce flaming or non-flaming particles.

SINSU Rotherm® board classified as B according to standard GB/T20284-2006 which has same level specifications as BS EN13501-1.

Combustion Performance Data

Property Standard data Test data Compliance
SBI Monomer combustion test Combustion rate (FIGRA0.2MJ W/S ) ≦120 18 GB/T20284-2006
Flame spread LFS <the edge of specimen Yes GB/T20284-2006
Heat release of first 600S ( MJ) ≦7.5 1.9 GB/T20284-2006
Smoke character Smoke generation rate(m2/s2) ≦ 180 34 GB/T20284-2006
Smoke release first 600s (m2) ≦200 27 GB/T20284-2006
Droplets of the combustion No droplets first 600S No GB/T20284-2006
incombustibility Temperature increase ℃ ≦30 4 GB/T20284-2006
Mass loss rate ≦50 12 GB/T20284-2006
Duration of combustion 0 0 GB/T20284-2006

Thermal Resistance

Depending on its nature excellent chemically neutralcell closed structure and the leading foaming technology , SINSU Potherm® insulation has unexceptionable thermal transfer resistance. Combined with its premium mechanical strength , It is proven to be probably the best thermal insulation material in the construction srctor and many other purpose.

Mechanical Strength

With its excellent compressive stress values combined with elasticity, SINSU Potherm® insulation has proved itself an exceptional thermal insulation material in such pressure-loaded applications over many decades.

SINSU Potherm® is often used in combination with other building materials for large industrial and agricultural buildings. In such applications, it is often exposed to tensile, shear and bending stresses. Base on its stability and exceptional insulation properties,composite elements with SINSU Potherm® insulation has been proven performance record going back decades .

Depending on the density and formula ,The tensile shtrength value of SINSU Potherm® insulation can be up to 900kPa(in accordance with EN 1607) and shear strength maximum value of 450kPa(in accordance with EN 12090),Meanwhile the bending strength value of composite elements with SINSU Potherm® insulation can lie high to 1300 kPa(in accordance with EN 12089 ).

Specification and Technical Data

DENSITY 42kg/m3 GB/T6343-2009
Moisture permeability 1.23×109(m2·s·Pa) EN 12088
Compressive Strength 192kPa EN 1606
Tensile strength 180kMPa EN 1607
Shear strength 290kPa EN 12090
Thermal conductivity 0.022w/(m·k) under 25℃ EN 13165
Dimensional stability 0.27% under 25℃ 48 hour GB/T8811-1999
Closed Cell Content 96.3% GB/T8811-1999


Thanks to its stable natural attributes and high Chemical and biological stability performance,SINSU Potherm® insulation can have an indefinite life if correctly installed.

To ensure safe dimension in many constructions, the maximum deformation of the insulation material must not significantly exceed 0.7% over a load period of 20 and 50 years respectively. Long-term tests on SINSU Potherm® insulation have confirmed reliable compliance with these values.


Premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free PIR insulant,perfect water and moisture resistance , high mechanical strength , excellent fire performance and stable Chemical and biological stability and variety of facing scheme provide SINSU Potherm® insulation versatility in applications:flat roofing systems with the profiled and concrete foundation; pitched roofs and ceilings;floor insulation system and foot traffic load system; facades system; vertical structural elements, exterior and interior, (walls, partitions, rooms).

Depending on the incomparable thermal and leading comprehensive performance,SINSU Potherm® insulation could be the most effective selection to save energy on buildings and facilities.

SINSU Potherm® Insulation Products Line

How to choose a SINSU Potherm® Insulation

To select a suitable foam board for a high standard building , many conditions need to be considered , where you live , which structure , what’s the thermal level, new or remodeling and even the personal preference...But base on our professional knowledge and experiences , we could offer some essential constructive suggestion such as thickness etc for you warm and great projects .

For thickness,A professional R-value(according to ASTM C518) date sheet could be a important design reference ,Thermal resistance (R–value) varies with thickness and is calculated by dividing the thickness of the board.

Insulant thckness (mm) Thermal Resistance (R-value) (m²K/W)
20 (0.79 in) 0.92
30 (1.18 in) 1.38
40 (1.57 in) 1.84
50 (1.97 in) 2.30
60 (2.36 in) 2.76
70 (2.76 in) 3.22
75 (2.95 in) 3.45
80 (3.15 in ) 3.68
90 (3.54 in) 4.14
100 (3.94 in) 4.60

Also you can have a preliminary assessment before the detail calculation from the reference of below recommend sheet, check the building location and start your great beginning.

Lowest average temperature in winter
Recommend insulant thickness
Highest avg temperature in summer
20℃ 30℃ 40℃ 50℃ 60℃
20℃ 10 15 20 30 40
10℃ 20 20 20 30 40
0℃ 30 30 30 40 40
-10℃ 40 40 40 50 50
-20℃ 50 50 50 55 55
-30℃ 60 60 60 60 60
-40℃ 80 80 80 80 80
-50℃ 100 100 100 100 100
-60℃ 120 120 120 120 120

The R-Value calculation will be used to assess what level of thermal insulation is required to the Building Regulations for both new-builds and refurbishment projects.

The value will depend on a number of different factors including:

  • The location of the project
  • The type of building (domestic or commercial)
  • The application of the insulation (roof, wall or floor)
  • Positioning (internal or external)

For a refurbishment building, select a same or higher thermal resistance performance SINSU Potherm® insulation to substitute the old products , the below technical sheet may give you some constructive and quick help.


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